Folktales vol 2 with audio

Collection of 18 folktales in moore (with audio) by SIBALLO Jacques.

1 The old Toro
2 The traveler
3 Richard and the honest man
4 The friendship of genius
5 The fly butcher
6 The hare, the hyena and the elephant
7 The Price of Pride
8 The chicken party
9 The lion, the hare and the hyena




10 The hyena cub
11 The dead body
12 Patigdba and the sacred wood
13 Jealousy, when you hold us
14 Tindba, the frivolous man
15 The Hunter and the Genius Ring
16 Naamde, the unloved son
17 The hare, the nightjar and the eggs
18 The hare and the head of the guinea fowl

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