Songs by TmTan on Youtube

IISAA NA WARA FA HOOYA EN - Jesus is coming to take us - by Jam Tan

LAAMDO YIDI YIMBE FUU - God loves everyone - by Jam Tan

SI ON NGONDI E IISAA - If you remain in Christ and He remain in you will bear much fruit -by Jam Tan

NYALAANDE NA WARA - The day is coming - by Jam Tan

JOOMIRADO - The Lord is my Shepherd - By Jam Tam

NGARE CEYEE - Come and rejoice - by Jam Tan

YANGAAWO - by Jam Tan

RAWNI NA YIDI MA - Rani loves you - by Jam Tan

SUKA MAJJUDO - The lost child - by Jam Tan

MUNKARU NJAAFO DON - Instrumental "Forgive" - by Jam Tan

IISAA JOMIRAADO - Lord Jesus - by Jam Tan

SO RUUHU ALLAH NA WONI E AM - When The Holy Spirit is in me - by Jam Tan

MI YIDI HAALA MA - I love your Word, there is no one like You - by Jam Tan

NJIDDO DADDE WARA NGOONDINA - Whoever wants to be saved, must believe in Jesus The Savior - Jam Tan

NOODIIMA NGARA - He is calling you - Jam Tan


AA IISAA WALAA HONO - Ah, there is no one like Jesus - by Jam Tan

GOMBUGU - by Jam Tan

CAWRE MUNYE - Persevere in patience - by Jam Tan

TAA SEYORA DOYYERE - Do not rejoice when your enemy falls - by Jam Tan


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