folk-tales vol. 5 with French


1. Yõens yelle. Mouse Problem

2. Kʋɩlga kʋɩɩme. The dried up river

3. Katre ne wãamba. The monkey and the hyena

4. Soaamba ne wobgo ne yemde. The hare, the elephant and the hippopotamus

5. Koadeng ne soaamba. Partridge and hare

6. Ned yam pa yɩɩd a to ye. Smarter than anyone else?

7. Soaamba ne naaba. The Chief and the Hare

8. Lay do not soaamba. Toad and hare

9. Bɛdenga. The earthworm

10. Yam yɩɩd m zoa. Smarter than his comrades

11. Rao a ye ne a zoa.A miserly man

12. Yũug ne yõense. Cat and mouse

13. Rao a ye ne a paga. A man and his wife.

14. Rao ne a pagba a yiibu. A man and his two wives

15. Ninsaala ne rũmsi. Man and animals.

16. No-raoogo ne bʋʋga. The rooster and the kid

17. F maanda neer tɩ b rol-f beem. You do good but harvest evil.

18. Soaamba ne katre. The hare, the hyena and the lion cubs.

19. Laying ne vũnuvũugu. The toad and the mason fly

20. Yir baag ne weoogẽ baaga. The house dog and the wild dog

21. Kɩɩba. An orphan gets by in life

22. Rao-kʋɩɩm sẽn pa rat tʋʋma. A lazy man

23. Kasem yam yɩɩda yãaga. The old is smarter than the young.

24. Rao a ye ne a biiga. A man and his child

25. Ma-biis a naas ne gãeenga. Four brothers and a madman

26. Rao a ye ne bõaasa. A man and a beggar.

27. Pag a ye ne a koamb a yiib kibare. A woman and her two children

28. Wagdre ne a korgo. The thief and his wallet

29. Zoens a yiibu. The two blind men.

30. Rap a yiib ne wag-kẽenfo. Two men and a python snake.

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