folk-tales vol. 4 with audio

Table of Contents

A ra kẽnda a kẽna.

Zood nooma.

3 M ba Katr maoore.

Ninsaal pa wãbd yɩbrg ye.

Mam dɩta Wẽnd sẽn kõ-ma.

Ned kõn bãng beoog ye.

Wẽnd sẽn pa kõ-fã.

M to yell pa pak-m ye.

Yel-sõmd kõn dol ne zɩtem ye.

10 Katr dabaare.

11 Na-kɩɩng pa pẽgd ye.

12 Goam yaa gũusgu.

Contes moore vol.2
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